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5 Ways Skimmer Billing Improves Cash Flow and Gets You Paid Faster

August 16, 2023

As a pool service professional, are you drowning in a sea of paperwork? Do errors in manual invoicing keep surfacing, causing unwanted stress? Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of lost cash or checks or the frustration of dealing with late or forgotten customer payments?

(You can put your hand down, these are rhetorical questions.)

We feel your pain!

Imagine the time spent toggling between different billing platforms when you could be growing your business or perfecting your craft. As we progress towards a cashless society, holding on to outdated payment collection methods isn’t just inconvenient—it’s costing you money.

The time and energy spent on back-office accounting tasks and waiting for checks to clear create significant delays in your cash flow. This is time and money that could be better invested in serving your customers and expanding your operations.

This is where Skimmer Billing steps in, seamlessly integrating payments into your pool service software. With Skimmer Billing, you can say goodbye to these common pain points and say hello to a streamlined, efficient, and, most importantly, accelerated billing process.

Here are five reasons to make the switch today.

1. Create consistent payments with AutoPay

Switch to Skimmer Billing, enable AutoPay for your customers, and add a solid helping of predictability to your cash flow.

Mike Messick, Skimmer Billing user and owner of All Seasons Pools, experiences the ease of funds flowing into his business without the monthly collection hassle, thanks to a system that gracefully handles variable amounts.

Mike shares his experience, saying, “Now, I can do a billing run in a few clicks and boom, there come the AutoPays and we've got tens of thousands of dollars of income to start off our month. I save myself 20-25 hours a month, better spent on new work, customer care, and fine-tuning our approach.”

2. Receive custom billing tailored for pool & spa service

Your business isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither should your billing. Stop the tedious task of manual entries or creating additional invoices for extra services, such as selling vacuum bags or chlorine tabs. Skimmer Billing understands your unique needs and streamlines the process, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

3. Turn leads into cash faster

Seize the opportunity to turn your leads into solid revenue more swiftly with Skimmer's Quotes feature. Quotes are designed to empower pool professionals, especially those managing larger projects that involve office staff or require customer approval before work begins.

With Quotes, you can send your customer a detailed, professional proposal outlining the proposed work and associated costs. Once your customer agrees, this Quote becomes a documented, agreed-upon price that protects both parties and sets clear expectations.


One of the standout benefits of this feature is its flexibility in billing. Pros can create multiple invoices tied back to a single Quote, allowing you to manage down payments or phased invoicing for larger projects efficiently.

This eliminates the tedious task of using third-party estimates, enabling you to keep everything in one place – your Skimmer Billing system. Gone are the days of juggling different platforms for estimates and billing; Skimmer’s Quotes feature simplifies this process, directly contributing to an accelerated cash inflow for your business.

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4. House all your payments in one place

Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms (Venmo, Paypal, Zelle) and third-party billing software.

Skimmer Billing centralizes payment requests, collections, and management, reducing administrative headaches, preventing errors, and enhancing your payment collection process, all within the Skimmer pool service software app.


5. Reduce back office time

End the days of waiting for techs with checks or printing and mailing invoices. Skimmer Billing automates many of your most time-consuming billing workflows. It logs and saves all completed work, installed parts, and used chemicals. Invoices can be edited, sent, and tracked with ease.

Have an overdue customer? Send a reminder with just a click.

Bonus reason: It’s remarkably simple!

With Skimmer Billing, you can bid farewell to complicated and unfriendly interfaces that make financial management a chore. We didn’t build the interface for technology gurus. We built it for busy pool pros who don’t have time to fiddle with cumbersome software.

Skimmer Billing is so easy to use you may catch yourself looking forward to handling your monthly billing (who would’ve thought?)! 


Summing it up

Skimmer Billing is more than just a feature—it's the secret weapon your pool service business needs to optimize your profitability. Imagine a world where invoicing isn't a stressor but a streamlined, efficient process that propels your cash flow to new heights. That's what Skimmer Billing offers.

Boost Your Cash Flow: With features like AutoPay and seamless integration of Quotes into your billing system, Skimmer Billing ensures that your revenue stream is consistent and robust. It accelerates payment collection, swiftly turning your hard work into tangible income.

Reclaim Your Time: Forget the days of manual entry, double-checking invoices, and hours spent on administrative tasks. Skimmer Billing automates and simplifies the billing process, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on growing your business or enjoying well-deserved leisure.

Lower Your Stress: Invoicing and billing can be a significant source of stress, especially when systems are disorganized or outdated. Skimmer Billing’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features bring peace of mind, knowing that every transaction is accurate, secure, and effortlessly managed.

Are you ready to transform your pool service business into a more profitable, efficient, and stress-free operation? Schedule a time to learn more about Skimmer Billing, whether you’re a current customer that needs setup support or a pool pro new to Skimmer. Our experts are standing by to lend a hand! 


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