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Why Skimmer?

Join the 25,000+ pool pros using Skimmer to grow their businesses

Skimmer is trusted by more pool service companies than any other company in North America because of our easy-to-use software and best-in-class live support. No matter your stage of growth, Skimmer is your partner in success.

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Everything you need to run your pool service business, all in one app

Get Organized Icon

Get organized

Keep all your business information— from routes to customer data to billing— in one place. Skimmer makes it easy to keep track of regular cleanings, one-off repairs, chemical costs, and more.

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Increase efficiency icon

Increase efficiency

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets, paperwork and separate systems. With Skimmer, you get an all-in-one system that gives you real-time visibility into your business and saves you hours in your week.

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Grown your business icon

Grow your business

Give yourself the time and space to take on better customers and more routes. Skimmer streamlines your operations so you have time to work on your business, not just in it.

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Manage reputation icon

Manage your reputation

Provide the digital experience your customers expect and protect yourself from customer complaints with easy communications, service reports, quotes, and billing.

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Get organized, optimize routes, and save hours in your day with Skimmer’s web app. The software lets you easily schedule techs and manage routes, keep all your customer information organized, bill seamlessly and more. Plus, our industry-leading support team is on-call for you every step of the way.

Technician features

Skimmer’s mobile app for pool techs gives your team all the information they need to provide the best service. With the app, your techs will cut down on drive time and paperwork, stay on schedule, and easily enter readings and dosages with just a few taps. It’s no surprise that pool techs absolutely love Skimmer!

Client features

Make sure your customers are always in the loop with customizable service report emails. Save 2- 5 hours a week and reduce calls from customers by generating comprehensive reports with photo evidence that keep customers informed about upcoming stops, completed service, or skipped stops.

Pool and spa service software built for growth

From 0-20,000 pools, we’re with you every step of the way

Regardless of your business size, Skimmer has the features, resources, and support you need.

Just getting started

Skimmer's ease of use and fast onboarding make it a great choice for pool pros who are just starting out.

Scaling up

Growing your business comes down to efficiency and savings. Find out how Skimmer unlocks this growth.

Owning the market

Skimmer's robust all-in-one solution gives you the competitive advantage to become the dominant player in your market.

Video Testimonials

"I love Skimmer. It has made our business so much better in so many different ways."

Ryan Martins
The Pool Professor

Skimmer works great for all pool techs. Very simple. Anybody can use it.

Joe Suggs
Ohana Pools

I was with [REDACTED] forever and then I had guys come in and they were like 'get rid of that', we need Skimmer'

Tom Munn
Abaco Pools

"If you don't have Skimmer, get it. It's the way to go."

Jonathan Stearman
365 Pools

"I love Skimmer because it makes my day go by so much easier."

Andy Rouse
Johnson Pools

"You guys rock. You answer the phone, you answer the questions and you make it really easy to do what I do."

Jim Luscombe
Palm Island Pool Supply

"We love Skimmer because it makes life so easy. Ditch all the paper, ditch all the books, notepads, all that junk."

Jacob Mcgarry
Pool RX

"We use Skimmer every day, all day...It's a great product."

Cindy Deaton
Deaton Custom Pools

"We've been using Skimmer for about two years now and I really like the ability to delegate work throughout the day."

Dan Pappan
Pappan Pools

"Skimmer's the only software I use...It's very easy software to use. Try it out."

Branden Lewis
Lewis Pool Services

"For all you out there that don't use Skimmer, you should check them out. Give them a try, take a trial. At base you're going to love it."

Chris Tompkins
Freedom Pool Service

"My favourite part-- the ease of use, ease of picking it up and using it...Awesome and simple to use."

Jared Nguyen
Ryan's Pool Service

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Skimmer ideal for?

Skimmer is perfect for pool and spa service companies of any size who are looking to go digital, get organized, manage their business from a single system, and grow their business.

How much does Skimmer cost?

Skimmer is priced monthly, per service location. Head over to our pricing page for more information.

Does Skimmer have customer support?

At Skimmer, we’re proud to offer the best support in the industry. Our team of support and customer success experts is always available to help you. And the best part? You’ll always talk to a real person (not a chat bot).

Does Skimmer have a mobile app?

Yep, Skimmer’s mobile app for pool techs helps your team cut down on drive time and paperwork, stay on schedule, and easily enter readings and dosages with just a few taps.

Can I run payments in Skimmer?

Yes! Skimmer Billing helps pool pros get paid faster, increase cash flow, and take the pain out of processing payments and managing finances.

Does Skimmer work offline?

Skimmer’s mobile app works on or offline and easily syncs your data with the office app once your connection is restored.

Still have a question?

Get in touch with us to learn more about Skimmer and our product.

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