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Skimmer is trusted by more pool service companies than any other company in North America because of our easy-to-use software and best-in class live support. Over 25,000 pool service professionals servicing 500,000 pools in North America use Skimmer to get organized, get paid faster, and grow their businesses.

See how real Skimmer customers are using the platform to save time, get organized,  and grow their businesses

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Video Testimonials

"I love Skimmer. It has made our business so much better in so many different ways."

Ryan Martins
The Pool Professor

Skimmer works great for all pool techs. Very simple. Anybody can use it.

Joe Suggs
Ohana Pools

I was with [REDACTED] forever and then I had guys come in and they were like 'get rid of that', we need Skimmer'

Tom Munn
Abaco Pools

"If you don't have Skimmer, get it. It's the way to go."

Jonathan Stearman
365 Pools

"I love Skimmer because it makes my day go by so much easier."

Andy Rouse
Johnson Pools

"You guys rock. You answer the phone, you answer the questions and you make it really easy to do what I do."

Jim Luscombe
Palm Island Pool Supply

"We love Skimmer because it makes life so easy. Ditch all the paper, ditch all the books, notepads, all that junk."

Jacob Mcgarry
Pool RX

"We use Skimmer every day, all day...It's a great product."

Cindy Deaton
Deaton Custom Pools

"We've been using Skimmer for about two years now and I really like the ability to delegate work throughout the day."

Dan Pappan
Pappan Pools

"Skimmer's the only software I use...It's very easy software to use. Try it out."

Branden Lewis
Lewis Pool Services

"For all you out there that don't use Skimmer, you should check them out. Give them a try, take a trial. At base you're going to love it."

Chris Tompkins
Freedom Pool Service

"My favourite part-- the ease of use, ease of picking it up and using it...Awesome and simple to use."

Jared Nguyen
Ryan's Pool Service

5 star ⭐️ reviews from Skimmer customers

Isaac Ondrisek, Incredible Cleaning

“First I just want to say Skimmer is an amazing software and with the addition of billing you’ve knocked it out of the park. It has done so much streamlining and leveled up our business and on top of that you keep updating it and have great customer support. It’s worth every $”

Tom Flournoy, Paces Pool Service

"I could not run my business without Skimmer! The customer service team is excellent and very timely with responses. The custom reports are a huge help. Skimmer is very easy to use!"

John Ryan, Scottsdale Ranch Pools

"Great route management software for small or large companies. I have been using Skimmer for over 2 years and haven't looked back. It's a great product with excellent customer service.I most like how easy and straightforward it is to use as well as make changes and add work orders on the fly."

Ken Garcia, 
 Island Pool Service

Yep, Skimmer’s mobile app for pool techs helps your team cut down on drive time and paperwork, stay on schedule, and easily enter readings and dosages with just a few taps.

Aaron Boevree,
Boevree Pool service

“Skimmer has helped me save so much time by streamlining the clerical side of running a pool business. It’s so nice to be able to log information in real time on my iPhone. No more writing things down and hopping on the computer later to record the info. Invoicing used to take me twice as long to complete. I also find it helpful to have each account’s chemical history at my fingertips. It’s a very useful tool to determine each account’s profitability. On top of all of the features that Skimmer has, they also have a great staff that is very friendly and willing to help if you need it.”

Kyle Bernard, Radiance Pools

"Skimmer allows us to keep detailed history of our customers service, our techs work/performance, and allows great flow between office/tech/customer. Allows us to cut our billing down to just over an hour, and helps prevent lost revenue from small parts/additional chemicals."

Case study: How Nevergreen Pools Grew from 5 to 550+ Pools in Five Years

Kyle Peter's entrepreneurial journey led him to establish Nevergreen Pools, a successful pool service and repair business, in 2018. Utilizing strategic investments and efficient customer communication via Skimmer software, Nevergreen experienced substantial growth. With a focus on excellent service, the company now serves over 600 customers, showcasing the impact of technology on business scalability and enhancement.

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