Find out why pool techs love Skimmer

Skimmer makes field work a breeze, with an app designed specifically for pool pros.

Everything techs need for great service in just a few taps

Techs can adjust stops on the go to see the best route via Skimmer’s mobile app. This gives them more job confidence, cuts drive time and helps them visit more stops in a day. Plus, the app works offline, making it easy to work in low-service areas. Simply sync when you’re back online!

Checklists, tasks, to-do items, and more

With Skimmer checklists, you can ensure consistent service for each customer. Create universal checklists for every engagement, or configure them by customer, location, or work type. You can even customize the order, name, and response when the task is complete!

All your customers' info, at your fingertips

Never pull up to a gate without the code again! Track all customer information, including chemical readings and service history across multiple locations and bodies of water. With Skimmer pool service software, your techs always have the most up-to-date information, including gate codes, pet names, equipment, and photos.

One tap dosages and readings

The Skimmer app lets techs enter readings and dosages in just a few taps, giving them more time to focus on providing great service.

Reach out to your customers quickly and easily
Email beautiful service reports automatically
Make payments and billing super simple
Communicate with your customers via email or text

Video Testimonials

"I love Skimmer. It has made our business so much better in so many different ways."

Ryan Martins
The Pool Professor

Skimmer works great for all pool techs. Very simple. Anybody can use it.

Joe Suggs
Ohana Pools

I was with [REDACTED] forever and then I had guys come in and they were like 'get rid of that', we need Skimmer'

Tom Munn
Abaco Pools

"If you don't have Skimmer, get it. It's the way to go."

Jonathan Stearman
365 Pools

"I love Skimmer because it makes my day go by so much easier."

Andy Rouse
Johnson Pools

"You guys rock. You answer the phone, you answer the questions and you make it really easy to do what I do."

Jim Luscombe
Palm Island Pool Supply

"We love Skimmer because it makes life so easy. Ditch all the paper, ditch all the books, notepads, all that junk."

Jacob Mcgarry
Pool RX

"We use Skimmer every day, all day...It's a great product."

Cindy Deaton
Deaton Custom Pools

"We've been using Skimmer for about two years now and I really like the ability to delegate work throughout the day."

Dan Pappan
Pappan Pools

"Skimmer's the only software I use...It's very easy software to use. Try it out."

Branden Lewis
Lewis Pool Services

"For all you out there that don't use Skimmer, you should check them out. Give them a try, take a trial. At base you're going to love it."

Chris Tompkins
Freedom Pool Service

"My favourite part-- the ease of use, ease of picking it up and using it...Awesome and simple to use."

Jared Nguyen
Ryan's Pool Service

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