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Stand Out From the Competition: 8 Ways to Win Pool Service Jobs with Better

August 2, 2023

Business owners can’t afford to ignore competition in the pool service industry—it's a daily reality. With dozens of companies vying for the same contracts, distinguishing your business becomes crucial to securing your slice of the market. It's a playing field where simply blending into the crowd is a strategy destined for mediocrity. Your business has to stand out, be different, be more—it must resonate with potential clients and captivate them from the get-go.

Securing more jobs in this vibrant sector is a multidimensional challenge. It goes beyond the mere notion of setting a competitive price. Yes, pricing matters, but it's not the sole determining factor for customers. After all, clients are not just buying a service—they're buying an experience, a promise of quality, and the assurance of a job well done. They're investing in your professionalism, the depth of your expertise, and the added value you bring to their pool service needs. Therefore, your quote should reflect the cost of the work and the comprehensive value you offer.

With these considerations in mind, we've compiled eight strategies to help elevate your quoting process. Each strategy offers a practical way to showcase your business's strengths, communicate the value of your service, and ultimately win over more customers.

So let's dive in, explore these strategies, and start making waves in the pool service industry.

1. Answer the phone  promptly

Never underestimate the power of a prompt phone call. It may seem simple, but its impact on securing business is significant. A quick response time shows that you prioritize the customer's needs and are readily available. Plus, it provides an immediate opportunity to establish rapport with the client and to showcase your customer service ethos.

Even if you're busy, strive to return missed calls within a reasonable time. If you're a one-person operation, consider hiring a virtual assistant to manage phone calls when you cannot. Also, for more tech-savvy prospects, enable Facebook Messenger on your Facebook Business Profile. Bonus points if you implement an auto-reply message to let your prospects know you’ve gotten their message and will respond shortly. 

When I messaged this South Carolina-based pool service business, they got back to me in three minutes. Not bad!


2. Look the part and inspire confidence

Your appearance is the first visual representation of your brand that clients will see, and it plays a vital role in establishing an initial level of trust. Invest in professional, branded uniforms for you and your team. This not only promotes recognition but also exhibits the professionalism of your business.

Keep your tools and equipment (like your work van) clean and organized. Cleanliness and orderliness can imply your attention to detail—a trait clients value regarding their pool service.

3. Provide references

Providing references is an excellent way to reinforce credibility. When clients hear about your stellar performance from previous satisfied customers, it elevates their trust in your abilities. Collect testimonials from your clients, especially after successful big projects.

💡 Pro-tip: ask your best clients to record a short video testimonial, perhaps in exchange for discounted service rates.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something on their smartphone. Post this testimonial alongside before/after pictures on your website. This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to convey social proof to future customers.

If privacy allows, consider creating case studies to showcase how you've handled complex tasks and exceeded client expectations. This tangible proof of your work can give you a significant competitive edge.

4. Be thorough and fast

Speed and thoroughness are a potent combination in the quoting process. Strive to ask relevant questions, take precise measurements, and make note of unique considerations during your site visit. These actions show that you're not just skimming the surface but are genuinely interested in providing the best possible solution. And once the visit is over, a swift quote delivery—preferably before the end of the business day—reiterates your commitment and responsiveness.

Use templates for your quotes to expedite the process but remember to personalize each one to reflect the specific job details. If you need some guidance in this department, check out our post on how to estimate pool service charges.


5. Use pool service software to house and send quotes

Transitioning from traditional methods to professional pool and spa service software can be a game-changer. These digital tools, like Skimmer, help streamline your business operations by managing customer information, optimizing routes, simplifying invoicing, and more.

Furthermore, providing digital quotes offers your customers a more modern, efficient, and professional image. Including a clear breakdown of costs and services offered further enhances transparency and builds trust with your customers.

Now available to everyone in Skimmer, pool pros can quote jobs, win business, and get paid all in one app with Skimmer Quotes. With Skimmer Quotes, you can:

  • Support multiple invoices per quote
  • Track each step of the process
  • Estimate margin to bid profitable business
  • And manage the sales process

6. Offer customized quotes

Each pool service job has its unique needs and challenges. Recognizing this and providing a customized quote is a powerful way to demonstrate that you're attentive to your client's particular needs. Strive to offer flexible service options and standard pricing tiers for regular pool service, allowing customers to select a service level that aligns with their budget.

For more complex jobs, repairs, or work orders, offering transparent or standard service pricing tiers can be trickier. Due to the nature of this work - levels of damage, different equipment needs, different setups - offering a customized quote may not be as straightforward. 

Remember to keep your pricing transparent for regular pool service —hidden fees can tarnish a business's reputation quickly. For example, this Orlando-based pool service company offers two different service tiers with deliverables. This way, clients know exactly what they’re getting, and it has the added internal benefit of packaging the services and streamlining the quote process.


7. Focus on educating the customer

The more your customers understand pool care, the more they'll appreciate the value of your services. Aim to educate them about the importance of regular maintenance, the benefits of various equipment and chemicals, and potential issues arising from neglecting their pool.

By becoming an educator, you position yourself as an expert, reinforce the value of your services, and potentially ward off any price haggling by helping customers comprehend the complexity and value of the work involved.

8. Showcase your expertise and professionalism

Remember, your customers are not just buying a service—they're buying peace of mind. Or, at the very least, one less thing to do in their busy lives. By highlighting your expertise and professionalism, you're offering them just that. Use every opportunity to showcase your qualifications, whether through certifications, licenses, years in business, positive reviews, or before-and-after photos of your work.

Even subtle elements like a branded truck or professional demeanor during interactions contribute to the overall perception of your brand. With every action, aim to inspire confidence in your clients and emphasize that their pool service needs are in capable hands.

Final thoughts

A better quote is not about undercutting your competition—it's about intelligently crafting a proposal that encompasses all the customer's needs while showcasing your unique selling propositions. It's about taking a thoughtful approach to pricing, one that demonstrates you understand the client's needs and are capable of meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Winning more pool service jobs with better quotes is all about showing value. It's not just about the price—it's about the professionalism, the expertise, and the added value you bring to each job. Use these strategies to improve your quoting process and win more jobs. 

To learn more about how Skimmer helps pool service businesses succeed and grow 16 times faster than the industry average, check out our video walkthrough of the platform. After that, check out our post of 50 pool service marketing ideas so you can start generating leads immediately.

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