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Save time and money, with software made for your business.

Skimmer's feature set is designed to save you time, increase your bottom line, and keep your customers and team members happy.

A tablet, phone, and desktop computer displaying the skimmer software

Optimize your routes to save time and money

Experienced pool pros know the better you optimize your routes, the more money you make. Driving time is wasted time, and fuel expenses can quickly add up.

Your Route on a Map

Once you see your entire day’s route on a map, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Immediately, you’ll see ways to reduce travel time and increase profits.

Route Distance and Time

Skimmer calculates the total miles and time it will take to complete the day’s route for you. No guessing. No hoping. Just the exact numbers you need to create the perfect route.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop the route stops in the order you want them. After every change, Skimmer re-calculates distance and time for you.

Save Your Optimized Route

Now that you’ve created the perfect route, save it as your new default. Every week from here on out, you will run the fastest route possible!

Generate and send invoices in minutes

With Skimmer Billing, you can quickly request, collect, and manage payments without leaving Skimmer. Get paid sooner and delight customers with: 

  • Payment methods that include credit or debit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay
  • AutoPay for routine service
  • Payment tracking and reminders with real-time reporting
  • Safely and securely stored payment information

Give your customers the convenient, digital experience they expect and improve your cash flow with electronic, expedited payments.

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Track readings and dosages, faster than ever

Think nothing could be as fast as writing values down? Skimmer is the fastest way to enter all your readings and dosages. All service history is saved to the cloud automatically. Plus, you can fully customize the values to choose, and include some or all of them in the emailed service report after each stop.


Work anywhere, online or offline

Do you service pools in areas with limited internet connectivity? No problem! Skimmer mobile app for iOS and Android works the same whether you have an internet connection or not. Simply service your pools and complete tasks in the field, and your app will stay in sync with the cloud once you regain service.


Build, manage, and send quotes with ease

Create job quotes for customer approval, generate invoices, and manage them all within Skimmer Billing in minutes. With quotes, easily:
  • Add line items and down payments, add fees and discounts
  • Track customer approvals and rejections
  • Calculate profit margins for each quote
  • Generate related invoices to collect payment for your work

Never forget a part again

Ever forget to buy a part? Or install it? Or even bill for it? Yeah, we've all been there. That's why Skimmer tracks a part from the moment it's needed until the time it's billed for.
So nothing ever gets forgotten.

When you need a part for a customer or to stock on your truck, add it to the shopping list. 
Then you’ll know exactly what to buy on your next trip to the wholesaler.


Checklists, tasks, to-do items, and more

With Skimmer checklists, you can rest assured that your techs are performing the necessary tasks for each customer. Create universal checklists for every engagement, or configure them by customer, location, or work type. Customize the order, name, and response when the task is complete, which makes it ideal for more complicated workflows or necessary communications.


All your customers' info, at your fingertips

Never pull up to a gate without the code again! Track all of your customers, including chemical readings and service history across multiple locations and bodies of water. With Skimmer pool service software, you always have the most up-to-date customer information with you, including gate codes, pet names, equipment, and photos. And so do all of your techs.

Email beautiful service reports automatically

Filling out door-hangers and leaving them at each pool is a huge pain. With Skimmer, you can email your customers a beautiful service report automatically, and it will look great on any device!


Track recurring jobs without having to remember anything

Tracking filter cleanings, pool openings, and salt cell cleanings can be a real pain. It's so easy to miss a customer and lose out on that money. Using a recurring work order, you'll never have to worry about that again.

Skimmer tracks everything for you.
Simply tell Skimmer the last time you cleared a customer’s filter, sit back, and let Skimmer remind you every time you need to clean the filter again. You don’t have to track it or remember it. You can also create custom checklists and tasks for each type of recurring job as well.

Watch the 2-minute video.
Watch the video to see how Skimmer makes it easy to track recurring jobs for all your customers.

Gain insights and improve your bottom line with Skimmer reports

Skimmer allows you to generate reports on all aspects of your service such as invoicing, profitability, labor, chemical dosages, and installed parts and products. Skimmer reports make it easy to forecast chemical needs and make rate adjustments for unprofitable customers.

Track number of route stops, dosages, installed items, work orders by customer and location with charge rates for all.


Reach out to your customers, fast and easy

Need to send reminders for equipment maintenance? Want to run a seasonal promotion or inform your customers of a service interruption? Using Broadcast Emails, you can communicate with all or some of your customers quickly and easily. Skimmer makes it a snap to target your customers so you can maximize your service revenue.

Run your pool business from anywhere

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