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How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business in Florida

June 5, 2023

As the Sunshine State, Florida is famous for its beautiful beaches, lush citrus groves, and of course, its swimming pools. With an estimated 1.59 million swimming pools as of 2023, Florida leads the United States in the total number of pools. Furthermore, when considering population, Florida ranks among the states with the most swimming pools per capita.

These figures showcase a promising business landscape for entrepreneurs interested in starting a pool cleaning business. Yet, as the pool cleaning industry grows, so does the competition. Therefore, understanding the Florida-specific challenges and opportunities is a must for anyone venturing into this business.

In this blog post, you'll learn about:

  • Managing the unique challenges of running a pool service business in Florida
  • Why Florida is such an ideal location for the pool service industry
  • How to stay sane as a pool service business owner in the Sunshine State

Whether you're just exploring the idea or have already taken steps towards setting up your business, this comprehensive guide will offer invaluable insights to support your entrepreneurial journey in the pool cleaning industry.

So, dive in and discover what it takes to make a successful splash in the pool cleaning business in Florida.

Table of Contents

  • Why Florida is a Great Place to Start a Pool Cleaning Business
  • Steps to Start a Pool Cleaning Business in Florida
    • Identifying your target market
    • Creating your business plan
    • Licenses and permits
    • Equipment and supplies
    • Setting service rates
  • Hiring and Training Staff
  • Marketing Your Pool Cleaning Business in Florida
  • Navigating Florida-specific Challenges and Opportunities
  • Final Thoughts

Why Florida is a great place to start a pool cleaning business

A high number of pools

With an unparalleled number of swimming pools and a climate enabling year-round pool use, Florida presents an unmatched opportunity to start a pool service business. The combination of a growing population, robust tourism industry, and high pool ownership create a fertile ground for the growth of such enterprises in the Sunshine State.

Year-round demand

In contrast to colder states where pool usage is seasonal, Florida's mild winters ensure pools are used throughout the year. This year-round usage necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance services, creating a constant demand. As a result, a pool cleaning business in Florida can expect steady work, regardless of the season.

Tourism industry

Florida's thriving tourism industry is an engine of opportunity for commercial pool cleaning services. With many hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals dotting the landscape, each establishment becomes a potential client, with each housing at least one pool - often more - requiring regular cleaning and maintenance.

With this level of demand, businesses capable of delivering exceptional and reliable pool cleaning services will find rich opportunities to cater to Florida's thriving hospitality and tourism industry. In the long run, building strong relationships with these establishments can yield a consistent, reliable stream of business while helping your company establish a strong foothold in the Florida pool service industry.

Affluent areas

Renowned for its stunning coastlines and year-round warm weather, Florida has many affluent areas frequented by celebrities and wealthy business moguls. Locations like Miami's Star Island, Palm Beach's Billionaire's Row, and Naples' Port Royal are renowned for their upscale residences, many of which boast luxurious private pools.

These wealthier residents, valuing their time and seeking the utmost in professional service, often prefer to outsource the care of these aquatic amenities to professional pool cleaning services. Furthermore, the influence and network of these wealthy clients can open doors to other potential customers within their social circles.

A satisfied client in these neighborhoods can lead to word-of-mouth referrals, amplifying your business's reach in these lucrative markets. As such, strategically targeting and providing exceptional services in Florida's affluent areas can significantly bolster a pool cleaning business's client base and profitability.

Warm climate

Florida's year-round warm and sunny climate, encouraging outdoor activities like swimming, fuels an increased demand for pool cleaning services. But it doesn't stop at just cleaning.

The high usage rate of pools, coupled with the Florida heat and constant sun exposure, inevitably leads to more wear and tear on pool equipment and infrastructure. This consistent use and the impact of the weather conditions mean that pools in Florida may require more frequent servicing and replacement of parts than in states with a less intense climate.

The pool equipment, including pumps, heaters, filters, and pool surfaces, might need more frequent checks and maintenance due to the potential for sun damage, corrosion, and general overuse. This is annoying for pool owners but excellent for pool service businesses.

Similarly, the pool water chemistry can change rapidly due to the heat and extensive use, requiring frequent adjustments to maintain a safe and clean swimming environment. For instance, UV rays can degrade the structural integrity of pools over time, causing surfaces to crack, fade, or peel.

Overused pool pumps and filters might break down more frequently, necessitating repair or replacement. Frequent use of pools can lead to faster depletion of sanitizing chemicals, causing imbalances that must be addressed swiftly to avoid problems like algae growth.

All these factors create additional service opportunities for pool cleaning companies. Beyond just regular cleaning and maintenance, your company can offer a suite of services, including:

  • Equipment repair
  • Resurfacing
  • And regular water chemistry checks

By offering a comprehensive range of services, you can cater to all the needs of pool owners in Florida, thereby providing more value to your customers and increasing your revenue potential.

Retiree population

With its warm weather and retiree-friendly communities, Florida boasts a significant retiree population. This demographic is critical to consider when running a pool cleaning business. Many retirees have chosen to spend their golden years in Florida, enjoying the sunshine and outdoor activities, including having private pools.

However, pool maintenance can be physically demanding and complex. It involves regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment checks, which many retirees may find challenging or simply prefer not to do.

Instead, they often hire professional services to ensure their pools remain clean, safe, and ready for use. This preference among retirees provides a pool cleaning business with a consistent, reliable customer base.

These clients tend to require regular, ongoing services rather than sporadic cleaning, which can help a pool business forecast revenue and plan resources more effectively. Also, retirees are typically home during the day, allowing for more flexible scheduling of services compared to clients who work standard business hours.


Starting a pool cleaning business in Florida

Embarking on a pool cleaning venture in Florida requires strategic planning and execution. Here are essential steps to guide you through this process.

1. Identifying your target market

Identifying your target market is the first step in establishing a pool cleaning business. Understand your potential customers; they could be residential homeowners, commercial establishments like hotels and resorts, or public pools in the community.

Residential homeowners

To identify potential customers in the residential homeowner sector,  consider demographic data such as income levels and house sizes, as these often correlate with pool ownership. You can obtain this information through real estate websites, local homeowner associations, or county records.

Monitoring new home construction or sales in affluent neighborhoods can also provide leads. Networking at community events or joining local business associations can also help you connect with homeowners who might require your services.

Commercial establishments

Commercial establishments like hotels, resorts, and apartment complexes often require regular, professional pool cleaning services. Contact local business associations, property management companies, or real estate agencies to identify potential clients in this sector.

But be warned: as a new pool cleaning business owner, you're entering a very saturated market and may have a few doors slammed in your face. Don't be discouraged. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Attending industry-specific events, such as hospitality or property management conferences, can also effectively connect with potential commercial clients. In addition, targeted direct mail or email campaigns can help you reach out to these establishments.

Public pools

Public pools, including those in community centers, schools, or public parks, are another potential source of clients. Contact local government bodies, school districts, or community organizations to introduce your services. Bidding on public contracts can also be a way to secure regular work.

Staying informed about local development projects can help you identify new opportunities, as these plans often include public pools. Each segment has its unique needs and will require different marketing strategies. Researching and understanding these differences is crucial for your business's success.

2. Creating a business plan

Creating a comprehensive business plan is vital. It should include market analysis, marketing and sales strategies, organizational structure, and financial projections. A well-structured business plan will guide your business operations and attract potential investors or lenders should you need additional capital.

Here's a look at the key components to start your pool service business plan:

  • Executive summary: The elevator pitch of your pool cleaning business plan. The executive summary provides a snapshot of your business, capturing the essence of your vision and plans succinctly, and is your chance to persuade and engage potential investors or partners.
  • Company description: This is where you will define your business's mission and the specific problems your services aim to solve for your customers. It should also clearly outline your pool service business structure, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company (LLC).
  • Market analysis: Conducting and understanding your target market is vital to the success of your pool business. Here is where you present data on the current market trends impacting pool service businesses, potential customer demographics, and the strategies employed by your competitors.
  • Organization and management: Understanding your business's structure and management is essential for any prospective investor. This assessment should include delineating your team's structure, highlighting their skills and experience, and outlining roles and responsibilities that include hiring plans and future team expansion. 
  • Services: Here, you outline in detail the range of pool cleaning services you intend to offer your customers, like regular pool maintenance or pool repairs. For example, if you offer regular maintenance, explain the frequency, what's included in the service, and why regular maintenance is critical to the lifespan of a pool.
  • Marketing and sales strategy: This section should outline your strategies for attracting and retaining customers. Discuss your plans to leverage various channels such as social media, partnerships, or referral programs. By demonstrating an effective sales and marketing strategy, potential investors can see the potential for scalable growth.
  • Financial projections: Your financial projections will provide an essential look at the potential profitability of your pool service business. With the help of a financial advisor, this section should offer a clear picture of your projected revenue, costs, and break-even analysis. These projections give potential investors or stakeholders a tangible understanding of your business's potential for profitability and long-term success.
how to create a pool cleaning business plan

3. Obtaining necessary licenses and permits

Starting a pool cleaning business in Florida requires obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. Here's a basic overview of the licenses and certifications you'll need to start your pool cleaning business.

Business license

Like any other business, a pool cleaning service needs to register with the state of Florida's Division of Corporations. This includes registering the business name and type (LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship, etc.).

Local permits

You may need to obtain a local business license or permit, depending on the specific requirements of the city or county where you plan to operate your business.

Florida Swimming Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor License

This is a specific license for pool servicing in Florida. The Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB), a division of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), oversees the licensing of businesses involved in construction work, including pool and spa service contractors.

To qualify, you typically need to pass an examination and demonstrate experience in the field. The license covers pool/spa cleaning, equipment installation, repairs, and interior finishing.

Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) Certification

This certification, offered through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), provides training on pool and spa maintenance and safety. While only sometimes required by law, it is widely recognized in the industry and can enhance your credibility and knowledge base.


Appropriate business insurance protects your company from liability claims or other potential issues.

Worker's Compensation

If you plan to hire employees, you must also register for worker's compensation insurance, as Florida law requires. Please note that requirements may vary, and it's best to check with local and state agencies to ensure you meet all necessary obligations. It's also a good idea to consult a business attorney or professional advisor when starting a business.

4. Purchasing equipment and supplies

Investing in the right equipment and supplies is crucial for a pool cleaning business. Essential items include pool nets, brushes, vacuums, testing kits, and cleaning chemicals.

Buying quality equipment from reputable suppliers is advisable to ensure durability and effectiveness. Some suppliers offer discounts for bulk purchases, which could help reduce initial startup costs.

A common mistake new business owners make is intermingling their personal and business expenses. That's just asking for headaches during tax season. Save your sanity and open a business bank account, and relegate all your pool cleaning equipment and chemical purchases to that account.

5. Setting your service rates

Setting your service rates requires a delicate balance between being competitive and profitable. Research local market rates, consider your operating costs, and factor in the value you offer to your customers. Pricing should be fair to your customers while covering costs and providing a reasonable profit margin.

We provide a step-by-step guide to pricing your services in another blog post, but here's a quick look at the steps to get started:

  1. Research the market by identifying competitors, creating a competitor list, analyzing competitor websites, comparing prices, identifying patterns and key differences, and seeking feedback from other pool cleaning businesses. 
  2. Decide on your service categories, types, and models (like per month with chems or plus chems). 
  3. Determine your costs by equating your desired profit, the cost of goods and services rendered and operating expenses of your business, and your pool service costs. 
  4. Create a unique value proposition. 
  5. Consider a dynamic pricing approach to remain competitive. 
  6. Experimenting with bundled pricing or discounts and promotions. 

Hiring and training staff

Building a successful pool cleaning business in Florida hinges not only on your skills and knowledge but also on the strength of your team. Hiring and training qualified staff is an essential component of your business strategy.

Tips for finding good employees

Leverage online job postings

Harness the power of local job boards and websites to find potential hires in Florida. Ensure your job postings clearly outline the roles, responsibilities, and requirements.

An accurate job description will not only attract qualified candidates but also helps them understand the role’s expectations. List the duties involved in the job, the skills and qualifications needed, and any physical requirements or special conditions related to pool servicing.

Here are a few job boards you can consider:

  • Indeed: As one of the most popular job boards globally, Indeed allows you to post jobs for free (with paid promotions available) and reach a broad audience of job seekers.
  • Angi (formerly Angie's List): Angi is a home services platform where you can list your pool cleaning business and post job openings. It can be a good place to find candidates with experience in home services.
  • SimplyHired: This job search engine can post your job to over 100 job boards, both niche and general, saving you time.
  • Glassdoor: Besides being a platform for company reviews, Glassdoor allows employers to post jobs and attract candidates by researching company culture and employee satisfaction.

Exploring options like or local city-based job boards can also be worth exploring.


Participating in local business events, job fairs, or industry-related gatherings provides opportunities to meet potential candidates and helps promote your business. Because job fairs are transient and ongoing, the best way to find job fairs or industry events in Florida is to Google "[Your city] job fair" or "[Your city] pool service events."

You can also browse and search "pool service business" to find potential meetups in the industry.

Partnerships with schools

Forming partnerships with local educational institutions, such as vocational schools, community colleges, or universities, can be a great source of trained employees. These institutions often have job placement services and can link you with graduates prepared to hit the ground running.

Referral programs

Establishing an employee referral program can be an effective recruitment strategy. Current employees often understand the job well and can recommend individuals they believe would be a great fit for your company.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies, particularly those specializing in your industry, can streamline the hiring process. They have access to a wide network of candidates and can help match your business with individuals who fit your needs.

Retaining good employees

Competitive pay and benefits

Offering competitive pay and benefits packages can attract and retain quality employees. Such incentives demonstrate that you value your staff, reducing their likelihood of seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Positive work environment

Cultivating a positive work environment is crucial to employee satisfaction and loyalty. A supportive and respectful atmosphere can motivate employees and enhance their commitment to the company.

Career development opportunities

Providing career development opportunities is another way to attract and retain top talent. Offering training, workshops, or promotion opportunities shows investment in your employees' growth and success.

Employee recognition

Regular employee recognition is the lifeblood of good company culture. Whether it's a simple "thank you" or more formal rewards for achievements, acknowledging hard work can boost morale and keep your team motivated.

Work-life balance

As your client list grows, you’ll have to fight the temptation to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of your employees — even if that means working them for long hours. But this is counter-productive. It leads to burnout, and turnover, and can result in shoddier work due to fatigue (especially after hours of working in the humid Florida heat).

One practical way to support work-life balance and boost productivity is implementing pool service software like Skimmer. Platforms like ours automate and simplify many tasks associated with pool cleaning services.

For instance, Skimmer streamlines route planning, customer management, and service tracking (among many other things), significantly reducing the amount of manual work required.

The benefits of using pool service software extend beyond simply making tasks easier. By automating administrative tasks and reducing drive time, this software gives employees more time at home and less time on the road or managing paperwork. This ultimately contributes to a healthier work-life balance and can improve overall job satisfaction.


Marketing your pool cleaning business in Florida

Marketing is a cornerstone in the development and growth of your pool cleaning business. Effective online and offline strategies can help you reach potential customers in Florida.

Effective marketing strategies, such as leveraging local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and traditional offline methods, can significantly enhance your business's visibility.

Local SEO can help your business appear in local search results, while social media marketing enables you to engage directly with potential customers. Meanwhile, offline methods, like flyers or local newspaper ads, can also be effective, especially in reaching an older demographic.

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Navigating Florida-specific challenges and opportunities

Operating a pool cleaning business in Florida comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. From seasonal fluctuations and severe weather to a high concentration of pools and a thriving tourism industry, understanding these elements is key to running a successful business in the Sunshine State.

Let's delve into the specifics.


Seasonal fluctuations: Florida's climate allows for year-round pool use, but demand fluctuates, especially in tourist-heavy areas. To navigate these ebbs and flows, consider offering off-season services or discounts. This strategy helps maintain a steady income throughout the year while catering to customers who appreciate pool maintenance during quieter periods.

Competitive market: Given Florida's many pools, you'll likely face competition from other pool cleaning businesses. To stand out, offer exceptional customer service, unique services, or competitive pricing. Demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction and value can help differentiate your business in a crowded market.

Weather conditions: Florida's weather can be unpredictable, with frequent storms and hurricanes that can disrupt work schedules. Staying ahead of the weather forecast and having a contingency plan is crucial. This approach allows you to reschedule appointments in advance when necessary and keeps your business running smoothly despite Mother Nature's unpredictability.

Regulations: Florida has specific regulations for businesses, particularly those handling chemicals like a pool cleaning service. Familiarizing yourself with state and local regulations and ensuring full compliance is essential. Doing so avoids potential legal issues and shows customers your commitment to safe, responsible service.

High turnover: Burnout and turnover can be high in a physical job like pool cleaning. To mitigate this, ensure your employees have reasonable workloads and hours. Offering competitive pay and benefits can also attract and retain skilled workers.

Transportation: Traffic in densely populated areas of Florida can be challenging, potentially affecting your ability to maintain a tight schedule. Careful route planning (made easier with Skimmer!) and GPS tracking solutions can optimize travel times, ensuring you reach your customers promptly.

Maintaining a consistent client base: In some areas of Florida, many homes are vacation rentals, which may only require services sporadically. To counter this, focus on securing contracts with hotels, resorts, or homeowners' associations that require regular, ongoing services.



Tourism industry: Florida's robust tourism industry means many hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals need regular pool cleaning and maintenance services. This presents an excellent opportunity to expand your client base and secure consistent work.

High pool ownership: Florida's warm climate and outdoor lifestyle contribute to many residential pools, translating to a large potential customer base for your pool cleaning business. Catering to these homeowners can ensure a steady stream of business.

Year-round service: Unlike colder states, Florida's climate allows for year-round pool use, leading to a constant need for pool cleaning and maintenance services. This steady demand offers a great advantage for your pool cleaning business.

Growing population: Florida's continually growing population increases demand for all types of services, including pool cleaning. This demographic trend represents a promising growth opportunity for your business.

Commercial contracts: There are many opportunities to secure commercial contracts with entities like hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, and homeowners' associations that require regular pool maintenance. These contracts can provide a consistent stream of business and contribute to the steady growth of your pool-cleaning enterprise.

Upsell opportunities: The constant use of pools in Florida can result in quicker wear and tear, providing opportunities to upsell additional services such as repairs, resurfacing, or equipment upgrades. You can meet your clients' diverse needs by offering a comprehensive range of services while increasing your revenue.

Partnership opportunities: In Florida, there are numerous opportunities to form partnerships with real estate agencies, property management companies, or other home service businesses. Such collaborations can lead to valuable customer referrals and help your business reach a wider audience. Building strong professional relationships within your local community can be a powerful tool for business growth.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, starting a pool cleaning business in Florida presents many opportunities, driven by the state's robust tourism industry, high pool ownership, affluent neighborhoods, and significant retiree population. However, its challenges include competitive market conditions, weather unpredictability, and employee retention.

By carefully understanding and navigating these unique dynamics, leveraging innovative tools like pool service software, and fostering a healthy work-life balance for your employees, you can create a successful and sustainable pool cleaning business in the Sunshine State.

Success in this industry requires careful planning, a deep understanding of local regulations, a focus on exceptional customer service, and an ability to adapt to Florida's unique market conditions. And remember, the Florida landscape is ever-changing, which means ongoing learning and adaptation will be crucial to your long-term success.

So, take the plunge, embrace the opportunities and challenges, and make waves in the pool cleaning industry. The Sunshine State is ready for you!

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