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Boost Your Pool Service Business: Leverage Discounts to Attract Quality Cus

July 17, 2023

In the highly competitive pool service industry, distinguishing your business from the rest is crucial. One strategy proven to attract new customers while retaining existing ones is the implementation of discounts. 

Using discounts in your business can be a tricky process to navigate. Balancing the line between offering incentives for your customers to make their purchases now vs. feeding them the "waiting for it to go on sale" mentality can prevent purchases at regular prices. You can follow a few rules to help avoid these pitfalls.

Let's delve into how you can leverage discounts to not only boost your pool service business but also attract quality customers.

The importance of discounts in the pool service industry

Discounts have always been pivotal in the service industry, especially within the pool service sector. In an increasingly saturated market, discounts serve as a competitive edge, making your services more attractive and affordable to customers. They help promote customer loyalty, incentivize new customers, and create a positive perception of your business in the market.

However, rolling out discounts requires a thoughtful strategy. Without it, you risk destroying your precious business margins and devaluing the practice for yourself and other pool cleaning businesses. 

How discounts attract high-quality customers

In the context of the pool service industry, 'high-quality customers' are those who not only bring consistent business but also serve as brand ambassadors, recommending your services to others. Discounts, by their very nature, appeal to these customers. They see discounts as an opportunity to receive quality service for less, and the more they save, the more likely they are to keep returning and referring others. Moreover, discounts can be a powerful marketing tool, creating buzz and awareness about your services.

Different types of discounts and their impact

You can implement several types of discounts, each with its potential impact on your business. Volume discounts, for example, encourage customers to use your services more frequently or in larger amounts. Seasonal discounts could incentivize services during off-peak times, evening out your cash flow throughout the year. Referral discounts, on the other hand, can turn your customers into advocates, driving new business to your door. It's important to carefully consider the pros and cons of each type to ensure they align with your business strategy.

Creative discount ideas for your pool service business

Here are a few creative discount ideas that can help you attract quality customers and boost your business:

Loyalty discounts 

Reward customers for their loyalty. The longer they stick around, the better the discounts they receive. Over time, this establishes a strong, reciprocal relationship that encourages clients to choose your pool services consistently.

First-time customer discounts

Offer discounts to first-time customers. This could be the incentive they need to try out your services. A positive initial experience coupled with a discount can turn first-time users into long-term, loyal customers.


Referral program

Implement a referral program where existing customers get a discount when they refer new customers. Reward the stars of the neighborhood by giving them 15% off their next pool service. You'll know they referred your business when new customers forward their neighbor's pool service email and ask whether you accept new business!


Bundle services

Offer discounts for bundled services. This can incentivize customers to purchase more services at once, like bundling a filter cleaning with their weekly pool cleaning. By doing so, customers will perceive a higher value in the combined services, leading to increased satisfaction and repeat business.

pool service bundle discount

Use your "loss leader"

Many pool pros do pool service at a modest margin to earn more profitable work, such as repair and maintenance. If this is you, consider offering a discount on pool service if they sign up for a "bigger job.”

Drive activity in the slow season

Encourage pool and spa owners to do preventative maintenance in the slow season by offering a discount.

Clear out inventory

If your pool and spa service business is seasonal, you may have items sitting in your inventory that you'd rather move today instead of six months from now (a dollar today is better than a dollar tomorrow). Consider an "Everything Must Go" style discount for seasonal items.

Implementing discounts effectively

While offering discounts can be beneficial, it’s vital to implement them in a way that won’t result in financial losses. Set clear terms and conditions for each discount, and ensure customers understand them clearly.

Clear messaging is an essential component in your discount rollout. Setting precise terms and conditions will help satisfy customers and prevent a sale from going south. An example of this is tying a time limit or a clear date to the offer, like saying “while supplies last” or “a limited time only.”

This language also works as a call to action and should be included even if you plan to continuously offer the deal. If you want to reuse it, plug in fresh dates and use it as needed. This helps push your customers to secure their spot before the end date. 

Additionally, marketing your discounts effectively is key. Use social media, email newsletters, your website, or even direct mail flyers to spread the word. Tracking the success of your discount program is a critical part of measuring your efforts. Look at how many new customers it brings in, whether it increases the frequency of service from existing customers, and whether it positively impacts your bottom line.

Monitoring this data will help you strategically plan your next set of discounts and where to improve to get the most bang for your buck. 


Leveraging discounts in the pool service industry can significantly boost your business. Not only do they attract quality customers, but they also promote customer loyalty, create a positive brand image, and ultimately increase profitability.

Adding discounts to invoices is now easier than ever with Skimmer pool service software. If you’re a Skimmer user, consider how you can implement one of these discount strategies using tags inside Skimmer Billing, which now includes a Bulk Actions feature to include bulk fees, discounts, and line items for invoicing.

Schedule a meeting with a Skimmer expert to try discounts with Skimmer Billing today, your one-stop shop for requesting, collecting, and managing payments.

Want to share your own story of a successful discount strategy? Email us at and we will include it in this blog post!

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