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Personalized Service Emails For Your (Happy) Clients

October 12, 2022

Service Emails are a powerful way to personalize your communication with your customers. Keeping clear communication with your customers is key to building trust. With Skimmer you can create custom messages that your team members can utilize in the field. How about an update about a specific chemical that was used in servicing their body of water? Or letting them know that you are now offering additional services? Your creativity is the limit!

Check out this Service Email, and then we'll break down the components:

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 12.40.50 PM
Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 12.41.24 PM
Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 12.41.49 PM
Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 12.42.13 PM

Let's dive in!

Step 1: First things first - make sure your Service Emails are enabled.

  • Go to your Settings in the Skimmer web app and click on Service Emails.
  • Make sure the toggle is switched on to enable Service Emails.
  • Check the information you’d like to share with your customers in your emails; Readings, Dosages, and Service Checklist Items.

Step 2: Configure the "swipe" message in the Service Checklist.

Make sure your messaging is professional across the board by updating your “swipe” messages.

  • Go to your Settings and click on Service Checklist. Edit the checklist items and make sure your “Description When Complete” is a professional message you’d like your customers to see versus an instruction for your team member. Note: You can do this in both the web app and the mobile app!
  • For example: 

Instruction in Service ChecklistWhat the Customer SeesClean FiltersFilters were cleaned!VacuumPool was vacuumed.Brush the poolPool was brushed to prevent algae growth.Issue NotedOur technician noted an issue on today's visit, please reach out to discuss service options.Stormy WeatherLightning resulted in limited service today. Power wash the deckDeck was power washed.

Step 3: Create custom messages that your team members can use on a per-pool basis.

  • Go to Settings and select Service Emails. Go to the upper right-hand corner and click Messages for Emails (If you're in the mobile app, go to Settings and Select Service Email Messages).
  • Here you can add messages or edit existing messages.

ExampleSample TextEducate your customers with an explanation of a chemical dosage.We dosed your pool with muriatic acid. This is used to lower the pH and alkalinity levels of your pool water.Does the customer clearly have children? (Pool toys are around, etc.) Educate your customers with a swim safety tip.May is Swim Safety Month! Ensure gates and pool access are restricted to protect your family, and always have an adult supervising children playing in water.Educate and upsell your customers.Reduce chemical usage by doing an enzyme treatment before the summer heat. Let us know if we should perform this one-time service for $50 on our next service visit by replying to this email.

Step 4: Run a contest!
Do you service some photo-worthy pools? Have you seen some really cute pets? Run a beautiful pool or cutest pet contest! Incentivize your technicians to take photos while driving up engagement from your customers.

Sample message: "This month we’re running a cutest pet contest! Make sure your pet is looking their best on your service day... The winner gets a prize pack of our favorite pool toys and inflatables."

Sample message: "This month, we're running a beautiful pool contest! Make sure your backyard is looking its best on your service day. The winning pool will be featured on our site, and you'll win a complimentary enzyme treatment to make sure your pool is ready for summer."

Service Emails are a powerful tool to help build customer trust and loyalty. By consistently keeping your customer updated on how you service their pool and educating them about their pool you are building a relationship of trust. This trust will soon blossom into loyalty as you keep your customer informed and delighted on a consistent basis.


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