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Minimize Mileage with Skimmer Pool Route Software

October 12, 2022

Skimmer’s route management tools help you set up routes in the most efficient way possible to save you time and minimize mileage. As your business grows, you'll want to regularly revisit your route configuration and make changes and improvements.

Here is a real example of the results of a "route audit" performed by a Skimmer pro:

Team Member

-Arturo Mendes

-Chuck Bartowski

Daily Miles Driven Before Skimmer Optimization

-9 miles

-14.5 miles

Daily Miles Driven After Skimmer Optimization

-6.1 miles

-10.1 miles

Total Miles Saved

-2.9 miles

-4.4 miles

Curious to see how much mileage and time you could save with a route audit? Let's get started:

Step 1: Set Up Your Pins in Route Assignments

Navigate to Route Assignments, and ensure each team member and each day of the week is assigned a color.

Gif of pin colors being edited
  • The color on the inside of each pin represents a different team member
  • The color on the outside of each pin represents a different day
  • To change the assigned color of either a technician or of a workday:some text
    • Click on the Ellipsis (...)
    • Select “Change Pin Color”
    • Select the new color you want to assign the tech or day
    • Save the changes made

Now that we have assigned colors for techs and work days, we can optimize our routes!

Step 2: Make Note of Mileage

Let's visit the Route Dashboard and identify routes and mileage that are ripe for improvement. 

We'll focus on Chuck and Arturo today, mileage on Monday is 18.5 and 44.6 respectively.

Route Dashboard-1

Step 3: Visualize Routes

Select just one day at a time to populate in the map so you can see team member routes. Visually identify where routes stops cluster and where potential "swaps" could be made between team members.

Change Route Assignments

Step 4: Reassign Route Stops to Appropriate Team Members

  • In our example we chose Monday
  • Notice that Arturo (green pins) is working two locations right next to Chuck (orange pins). It would be more efficient if Arturo worked that stop instead, here’s how to reassign the stop to him:some text
    • Select the location you are wanting to reassign
    • Select “Move”
    • Choose the new team member by name
    • Pick the day of the week
    • Select when the reassignment will take effect and Save

Step 5: Compare Before and After!

  • Navigate to the Route Dashboard and take note of the new mileage!
Before and After Optimizing

Our colored pins are simple but powerful functionality to optimize routes. Make it a habit to regularly visit the Route Assignment dashboard and these small improvements will compound over time, saving time and money for your pool servicing and repair business.


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