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Marketing Year-Round to Maximize Revenue

December 2, 2022

hard freezeAs the 2023 pool season comes to a close, it’s a good time to start thinking about marketing and growth plans for 2024. A general rule of thumb is that B2C companies should spend between 5-10% of revenue on marketing at a minimum, but this will vary depending on many factors, not limited to the competitive landscape, seasonality, and geographic location. Even if you’re budget-constrained, email marketing is a low-cost way to increase your revenue year-round. 

Marketing to existing customers is a great way to grow your business, as your customers may not be aware of all of the services you offer. This is especially true if you offer ancillary services or seasonal services outside of pool service and repair.

Here at Beyond Pool Cleaning, we leverage Skimmer’s built-in broadcast and service email capabilities to educate our customers about preventative maintenance while making them aware of the products and services that can help enhance their outdoor living experience.

We have found that our customers, given the right information, find value in things like variable speed pumps, LED lighting, and mineral systems. 

The regular emailed service reports also give us an opportunity to set ourselves apart from our competition and ask for referrals. During Swim Safety Month, we include links to life-saving swim tips.

If you’re expecting a hard freeze or a hurricane, you can include links to articles on how to minimize and prevent damage to pools, pipes, plants, and pets. These types of communications convey to your customers that you have their best interests in mind, and that, in turn, builds trust. Once you’ve earned your customers’ trust, they’re more likely to stick with you and refer your business to others. 

Want more information? Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your regular emailed service reports or as standalone broadcast emails to your existing customers:


Happy New Year! Help us keep your pool water fresh! This month we will be testing and making recommendations for pool draining to ensure your pool keeps clear. 


It’s an excellent time for preventative maintenance! Beat the Summer rush, and get 25% off filter cleaning service!

Spring is in the air!! Get on the schedule now for a pool opening! 


May is Swim Safety Month! Protect your loved ones! Visit the American Red Cross website for life-saving tips and resources. 

Get ready for pool season and reduce the need for extra chemicals with a PoolRx unit. PoolRx contains bacteria-killing minerals and an ionizing rod which can significantly reduce the required level of chlorine. Contact us for a quote and we can install them for you!


Notice that your electricity bills are higher? Variable speed pumps can reduce electricity costs by 50-75%. (Include any information on city or state rebates on variable pumps if applicable.)  If your pumps are out of warranty or reaching end of life, consider replacing them with a variable speed pump. Email us for a quote! 

Pool closing time is around the corner. Refer us to close your neighbor’s pool and get $50 off your pool closing!  Want to swim year-round? Now is a great time to consider a pool heater! 


Did you know we offer pressure washing and holiday light installation? Spots are filling up fast! To get a quote, contact our office or send us an email! 

As a reminder, we take four weeks off each year. We will be closed Thanksgiving week and Christmas week on the following dates: (type out dates.) 


Happy holidays! As a reminder, we won’t be servicing pools during the following dates. (List dates.) 

Freezing weather can wreak havoc on pools, pipes, plants, and pets. Prevent costly repairs by following these tips in the event of a freeze. (Link a relevant article or printout.)


We know the services you offer may vary, but we hope these examples are helpful. Referral reminders can be included in every email you send out, and they’re a good way to stay top of mind. We ask for referrals in the Skimmer service reports we send out after each visit that read: 

Love our service? Tell your neighbors! Receive a $100 credit on your next invoice when they sign up! 

With a little creativity and some time put aside, a marketing plan can help you stay organized and help you increase your bottom line. Plus, it can help provide value to your customers that set you apart from your competition. Even if you don’t have a website or a social media presence, email is a great place to start. Check out our resources on customizing and enabling service emails and sending broadcast (mass) emails


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