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Congrats to PoolPro Magazine's 2023 30 Under 40!

PoolPro Magazine recently put out their 2023 30 under 40 list, which highlights 30 folks who have made waves in the industry this year. 

We love seeing pool pros get kudos for their hard work, and we’re especially excited to congratulate the Skimmer customers who made the list!

We did a mini Q&A with our customers who made the list to learn a bit more about them and their growth goals for next year. Keep reading for insights from a few of this year’s 30 Under 40.

Dan Rice, Sweet Southern Pools


What are your growth goals? 

We would like to start next season with at least one more full-time maintenance technician and a good-sized pool build/remodel team! 

How are you tackling those goals? 

We are spending the winter season intentionally looking for the best people for our team. Our best team members have come from current team member’s referrals so we are starting there! 

How has Skimmer played a role in your success? 

We have utilized Skimmer to keep track of our maintenance routes, green2cleans, repairs and estimates that need to be done! It has been great having a way for us to manage everything happening in the field and having an easy way to bill everything out at the end of each month! 

My wife used to keep track of all of that information via spreadsheet and Skimmer has made that process SO much easier as we have grown! 

Kimberly Langley, Tried and True Pools


What are your growth goals?

My growth goals from the beginning have been personal development in this industry. With training, classes, and certifications. I truly want to offer the best to our clients! 

How are you tackling those goals? 

I have recently begun my general contractor’s license quest! During our off-season, I also want to become a certified pool builder. 

How has Skimmer played a role in your success?

Skimmer has played a big factor in this! From our weekly clients having the proper information from our visits, quotes, etc. It has allowed me more time in the field and less time at the desk! 

Cody Williams, Nautical 7 Pools


What are your growth goals?

We started 2 years ago with 1 customer, currently service 125 customers, and are aiming to end 2024 with 400 customers with a long-term goal of 1000 customers in 2026. Aside from growing with service and repair, we are currently looking into building and renovations down the road.

How are you tackling those goals? 

Goals upon goals upon goals. Executing day-to-day with absolutely exceptional service to encourage our clients to make referrals We are also heavy on pool education and chemistry knowledge to have a thorough and complete education regarding all things pool. I'd say the Genesis program is in the near future.

How has Skimmer played a role in your success?

Skimmer has played a role in our success since day one, when we started our business using the software. My clients love the ability to have a thorough understanding of all services, repairs, and chemical information performed on their pool. Those who are not using Skimmer or related software are leaving too much open to liability. The largest thing Skimmer has done is allow us to be concrete in knowing and sharing with the customer that the job has been performed fully, with detailed proof and time-stamped photos.

Kyle Peter, Nevergreen Pools


What are your growth goals? 

30% growth every year as long as we are able to continue to provide a high level of service

How are you tackling those goals? 

We hire early so we have techs and managers in place to sustain the growth and provide quality service and communication.

How has Skimmer played a role in your success? 

Skimmer is intuitive for new hires to use and allows managers to maintain great customer communication.  We can tailor a custom maintenance program for each customer based on their unique needs and requests by using the features within Skimmer.

Check out this case study to see how Nevergreen Pools grew from 5 to 550+ pools in 5 years. 

Jacob Grozier, Swordfish Pool Care

JacobWhat are your growth goals?

I’m at 400 accounts and my goal for 2025 is 1000

How are you tackling those goals? 

We hired an office manager to help me streamline routes and new accounts. Next step is to start training a new hire and hope they work out. 

How has Skimmer played a role in your success?

We use Skimmer to track everything, visits, equipment, service calls, chems. It’s been a game-changer. I also use it as a bargaining chip to win out on service bids, too. While the tide is turning and more and more people are using Skimmer, there are a decent amount of people who aren’t and it’s an easy win when going against them on bids. 

Robert Naranjo, Skimmers Pool Service

PP23-6-Web-30U40Robert-NaranjoWhat are your growth goals?

My growth goal is to be an inspiration in the pool industry by continuing to provide honest and consistent pool service and to have several job opportunities available in a fun and honest workplace environment.

What are your growth goals?

Being responsive and not neglecting our employees and customers, showing appreciation to both seem to be the best way to keep loyal help and customers around.

How has Skimmer played a role in your success?

Skimmer has upgraded our communication with our client base, and has made our appearance and services more professional. We do EVERYTHING through the Skimmer app and it has been the best thing we've done! 

Congratulations again to everyone who made the list! And if you’re curious to know how Skimmer can help your business (and maybe land you on next year’s list 😉) click the link below.

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