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How to get off cash and get paid on time, every time

June 5, 2024

How pool pros collect and process payments has seen a leap towards non-cash payments over the past few years. 

According to aggregate platform data collected for Skimmer’s State of Pool Service report, only 2% of transactions in 2023 were done via cash. Over half of all transactions were done via card, and 30% of transactions were still done by check, although this number continues to decline rapidly 

Those who make the switch to accepting card and digital payments are seeing major upsides in terms of time saved, speed to payment and customer happiness. 

"Skimmer billing has given our Admins peace of mind, as it truly helps to make sure we aren't leaving money on the table and that everything we install is getting billed. Before using Skimmer billing, it used to keep me up at night worrying and double checking or triple checking to make sure I had billed a customer, I billed them for all the right parts, and more. Now, with Skimmer billing, our techs are trained to make sure they know how critical it is to only install it if they swipe it." - Chantel Dooley, Dazzle Pools

How to improve cashflow– 5 steps

1. Go cashless

Sign up for Skimmer Billing to get the ball rolling, and don’t forget to communicate the change with your customers. If you’re not sure where to start, here is an email template that you can personalize for your business.

2. Manage credit card fees

If you’re moving to cashless, you’ll eventually have to deal with credit card processing fees. However, these fees are typically less than a single tab of chlorine and can easily be added to your customer’s bill, which mitigates any negative impact on your business. 

3. Save a payment method on file

For new customers, you should require a payment method to be saved on file to set up auto-pay quickly. And don’t forget to set up autopay for regular or recurring service. 

4. Get paid immediately

Don’t wait until the end of the month to invoice work orders/repairs. Similar to how streaming services send you a bill immediately for in-app purchases like movie rentals, you should be charging your customers immediately for one-off repairs.

5. Send reminders to overdue customers

Don’t let overdue customers be overdue for long. Send reminders to ensure you get paid, and aren’t providing service for free. You can easily do this through Skimmer, which enables you to select multiple customers and email them simultaneously with a message about their overdue invoices.

Go cashless with Skimmer Billing

Save time, get paid faster, and improve your customer experience with Skimmer Billing.

Cut back on office time & improve cash flow

No more printing and mailing invoices to customers or waiting for techs to return to the office with cash or checks. Skimmer Billing delivers electronic invoices, collects payments, and automates many of your most tedious billing workflows.

All of the work completed, parts installed, and chemicals dosed are logged and saved. Invoices can easily be edited, sent, and tracked all from one place. Have a customer that's overdue? Send a reminder with the click of a button.

Give your customers more ways to pay

Your customers want convenient, digital experiences. Skip the paper bills, and manage everything through Skimmer. Emailed invoices can be paid quickly via credit card, ACH, Google Pay, or Apple Pay directly from Skimmer.  Or, offer customers the convenience of AutoPay for routine service.

Powerful reporting at your fingertips

Skimmer Billing gives you a range of reports to track and manage your financial performance:

  • Invoicing Reports: Examine the status of invoices, what you’re billing, and the breakdown of your sales.
  • Payment Reports: Review all your income, including online payouts and manual payments
  • Customer Reports: Assess your customer accounts, balances, and aged receivables
  • Sales Tax Reports: Shows the taxes you owe, based on sales taxes you collect.

Learn more about Skimmer Billing at

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