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Sick Route Coverage Made Easy

October 12, 2022

Did you know you can use Skimmer for easy sick route coverage by a fellow pool pro? 

  1. Simply create a "Guest Tech" user account (Adding users is unlimited and free in Skimmer).
  2. Perform a one-time route move from your account to Guest Tech.
  3. Have your fellow pool pro download Skimmer, log in to the Guest Tech account, and go!

Of course, we have two short videos for you. The first one shows you how to set up a Guest Tech account, and the second one will show you exactly what the Guest Tech will see from their end.

How To Do It, In Less than 3 Minutes

Sick Route Coverage with Skimmer Thumbnail

What a Guest Tech Sees, In Less than 3 Minutes


Prepare for an unplanned (or planned!) sick day, and send this blog post to fellow pool pros! Getting sick happens to everybody, but it doesn't mean it should slow down your business - you can still deliver high quality pool service by using Skimmer to guide your Guest Tech through your route and your customers' specific needs.

It's that easy. Questions? Reach out to a Customer Support Hero at

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